Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who does Awwad and Associates service?

We handle both corporate and personal finances. Whether you need help with your company's payroll or you're filing your personal taxes, you'll get the services you need by hiring Awwad & Associates in Tallahassee, FL. We've helped individuals and business owners with their accounting needs since 2003 and currently have more than 700 tax clients.

2. What kind of services does Awwad and Associates provide?

IRS help
QuickBooks training
QuickBooks assistance
Benefit administration
W-2 creation

3. What does the process look like when consulting with Awwad and Associates for accounting and tax services?

We work hand-in-hand with every client to deliver personalized accounting services. We'll look over your current monetary situation to determine the services that meet your needs and budget. Reach our accountant now at 850-513-1999 to schedule your free consultation.

4. What kind of help does Awwad and Associates provide with their tax service?

Organize your receipts.
Enter financial data.
Generate thorough reports.
Enter income taxes that haven't been recorded.

We strive to make your tax documents easy to understand so you're always up to date on your finances. Instead of stressing out about your taxes, turn to Awwad & Associates in Tallahassee for help.

5. What payroll services do you provide for companies?

Direct deposit.
Benefit administration.
Securing/filing paperwork.
W2 creation.

6. What do your bookkeeping services entail?

You'll work side-by-side with our accountant so you can get the personalized services you've been searching for. We offer services on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as well as training and consultations so you're always updated on your monetary situation. Also, in addition to weekly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping services, we can also help you with taxes, payroll and IRS issues.