Highly recommended accounting firm and everyone I've referred to A&A is very satisfied and glad they made the switch. What won me over many years ago was that A&A took the time to look over my past tax returns completed by another firm and found over $2,000, plus interest from the IRS, in mistakes!

Jeff N.


I've used several CPA's for some decades now and without a doubt Awwad & Associates has shown to be the best at many levels. My prior CPA was doing a good job...so I thought. Upon a second opinion the A&A staff found thousands of dollars of mistakes made by my prior CPA and they helped me file the correction and refund with the IRS, including interest.

Anyone and everyone I have referred to A&A feels the same and are continuing clients of the firm. I'm very confident you will feel the same and will notice a difference - if you're filing your taxes on your own you may find that the A&A staff will save you money with their knowledge and expertise that will pay for their services!

Jeffrey T.



Daniel S.


Kareem E.

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